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Lomshiyo Trust Game Lodge/Boutique Hotel


Investment opportunity

An investor and operator is sought to develop a 48 bed game lodge or boutique/resort hotel up to a maximum of 100 beds on land owned by a community. The land forms part of the 18 000 ha Mountainlands Nature Reserve. A long term concession will be considered.

This reserve is strategically very well located in a tourism development context both within Mpumalanga Province and in terms of the development of the Songimvelo/Malolotja Transfrontier Conservation Area between South Africa and Swaziland respectively and the World Heritage SiteThe Mountainlands Reserve will in due course become part of the Songimvelo/Malolotja TFCA.

Contact Mr Godfrey Mogoane at the BATOBIC Programme office for further information.



A number of new tourism investment and development opportunities have been identified in the various regional studies for the land owned by the Lomshiyo Trust and Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency (MTPA) in the Mountainlands Nature Reserve.

The project will facilitate development of a game lodge or boutique hotel on the land owned by the Lomshiyo Trust in the reserve, related reserve infrastructure, and provide support to the Trust to successfully concession the facility.

  • The quality of the natural environment within Mountainlands is good. This reserve was established in 2000. To-date the inherent tourism development potential of this nature reserve remains under-utilised since only the private sector landowners have commenced any form of tourism developments.

  • The nature reserve comprises three types of landowners – private, community trust and state land.

  • The land was proclaimed as a Nature Reserve in 1996 (proclamation No. 2 of 1996). The reserve has been fenced with a game fence suited to ‘plains game’. There are plans to upgrade the fence to Big Five standards (via electrification).

  • The reserve has good access in terms of existing provincial and national tarred roads. The reserve is well located relative to existing provincial and national tarred roads including the N4 (major link between Gauteng and Maputo) and the R40 (linking Nelspruit to Barberton) and R38 (linking the N4 to Barberton). The reserve can also be accessed via the N4 (Maputo Corridor). All these roads are surfaced and in a good state of repair.

  • There are numerous perennial streams that originate on and flow through the reserve.

  • From a broader socio-economic development perspective, the development of tourism in this locality is the logical choice because of the inherent development potential of the area for nature based, adventure and cultural tourism. Tourism development is potentially well placed to generate a range of new local economic development opportunities for the adjacent communities.

  • The development of tourism facilities on the Lomshiyo Trust land, based on a suitably structured community/private partnership, should result in the establishment of a range of sustainable revenue streams and benefit flows to the Lomshiyo Trust.



The strategy includes:
Complete the institutional and regulatory framework (conservation and tourism management plans, frameworks and agreements);
Prioritise tourism investment opportunities;
Develop concessioning process;
Mobilisation of independent tourism transaction advisors;
Implement investor mobilisation strategy;
Finalising contractual relations;
Implementation of identified components;
Identifying and mobilising project funding opportunities.

Batobic team, MTPA representative and consultants on their first scoping visit to the reserve at the commencement of the Lomshiyo project.

One of the planning sessions for the development of the Lomshiyo Game Lodge.



The following project elements have commenced:
• Revitalising the trust and election of trustees;
• MOU with Lomshiyo Trust signed to define roles;
• Integrated Management Plan being drawn up;
• Investor mobilisation;
• Transaction advisors appointed;
• Upgrading of roads;
• Alien vegetation clearing;
• Capacity building within the trust;
• Additional funding mobilised from Department of Environmental Affairs.


Further information

... Visit the website of Mountainlands Nature Reserve for background information on the reserve and its attractions.

... Download the Integrated Management Plan of the nature reserve which informs the investor mobilisation process and the identified developments.