The Chamber is:

  an independent, non-political, subscription-based association dedicated to promoting a business-friendly environment;

  an impartial, credible non-profit association, which enables it to negotiate contracts and secure funding for projects that benefit its community;

  comprised of members from every sector of the economy, ranging from small entrepreneurs to large corporates;

  involved in a number of initiatives to promote regional development, enterprise and skills development, training and business advisory services




Interpretation and Visitor Centre



Development of Gateway Visitor Information Centre (VIC) for the greater Barberton area (Kruger Lowveld / Barberton-Makhonjwa World Heritage Site/ Songimvelo-Malolotja TFCA/ Barberton Bio Park) as part of an integrated plan and first phase of the Bio Park / WHS Interpretation Centre. Including systems, IT, and office establishment to house the Marketing, Promotion, and Programme/Project Management functions of the Tourism and Biodiversity Corridor Programme and to implement Integrated Visitor Services Strategy for Kruger Lowveld tourism region.

Facilitate planning and construct first phase (VIC) for BioPark/WHS Interpretation Centre at Barberton: Buildings and related structures and facilities for this envisaged multi-focus visitor attraction at Barberton, which will offer living and static displays and various forms of information, including connection advice for tourists. Its displays and information will showcase the sense-of-place of the entire region, including the region's natural wonders: its famously ancient geology illustrating where life began; its stunning mountain scenery; its wildlife and other heritage and cultural treasures. It will include the area's people, their history and culture, and the connection between people and their environment.  Through interaction with local people it will showcase the educational value of all of the region's natural and cultural resources.

Facilitate planning, land acquisition and m
obilize investment to implement larger concept.

This project was also incorporated in the Mpumalanga Tourism Growth Strategy.


Concept being refined. Initial sites identified. Viability studies and planning pending.