The Chamber is:

  an independent, non-political, subscription-based association dedicated to promoting a business-friendly environment;

  an impartial, credible non-profit association, which enables it to negotiate contracts and secure funding for projects that benefit its community;

  comprised of members from every sector of the economy, ranging from small entrepreneurs to large corporates;

  involved in a number of initiatives to promote regional development, enterprise and skills development, training and business advisory services




Genesis Route


The development of an iconic tourism route to showcase the attractions of the area. Main focus will be on the natural and cultural attractions and scientific and tourism value of the Batobic programme area, the World Heritage Site, and Trans Frontier Conservation Area.

The route development will follow best practice in tourism route road development and include
related signage, information dissemination and marketing components for the sub-region.


Concept designs

A name and brand has been developed for the route (see logo above). This will be incorporated into signage and marketing material. 

Map indicating the location of the Genesis Route and related project components.


Designs of the Portals to be situated on various roads entering the area. These portals will indicate arrival on the route and contain information about the route and its attractions.


Map indicating the placement of portals and signage throughout the area.



The planning for the Gateways Upgrade, Genesis Route and Geotrail projects was integrated. Download this PowerPoint presentation to read more ... (4.5mb)



The following project elements have commenced:
• Designs completed;
• Branding completed;
• Stakeholder consultations ongoing;
• All government departmental approvals obtained;
• Construction tenders out.