The Chamber is:

  an independent, non-political, subscription-based association dedicated to promoting a business-friendly environment;

  an impartial, credible non-profit association, which enables it to negotiate contracts and secure funding for projects that benefit its community;

  comprised of members from every sector of the economy, ranging from small entrepreneurs to large corporates;

  involved in a number of initiatives to promote regional development, enterprise and skills development, training and business advisory services




Bulembu Road Construction



This project was the first initiated by the Barberton Chamber of Business as part of the Tourism and Biodiversity Corridor Strategy. The chamber became the implementing agent for the project which was funded by the then Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism and the Mpumalanga Department of Roads.

The project entailed the surfacing of 29km of the R40 road from Barberton to the Bulembu border post with Swaziland. This road forms the main access road through what has become the Barberton Makhonjwa Mountainlands World Heritage Site area and was one of the last major infrastructure requirements to complete the South African side of the Tourism and Biodiversity Corridor. Labour intensive construction techniques were used in the construction of the road to maximise local employment and economic impact.

Sections of the Bulembu road before its upgrading.


Project objectives

  • Develop strategic international link;

  • Support local economic development;

  • Motivate the further construction of the Barberton - Nelspruit road (about R300 million) trough traffic flow studies and increased use;

  • Unlock the Tourism and Biodiversity Corridor, Barberton Makhonjwa Mountainlands World Heritage Site and Songimvelo Malolotja Transfrontier Conservation Area.

  • Use labor intensive construction methods;

  • Create local employment though local contractors capacity (SMME’s);

  • Develop re-usable local skills.

All the above objectives were met and the Barberton - Nelspruit road was also completed in late 2009.


The road during and after construction.

The Josefsdal / Bulembu border post with Swaziland before and after the upgrading of the road.



The 24 month project was completed in early 2009.