The Chamber is:

  an independent, non-political, subscription-based association dedicated to promoting a business-friendly environment;

  an impartial, credible non-profit association, which enables it to negotiate contracts and secure funding for projects that benefit its community;

  comprised of members from every sector of the economy, ranging from small entrepreneurs to large corporates;

  involved in a number of initiatives to promote regional development, enterprise and skills development, training and business advisory services



BATOBIC Programme:             

Funders and Partners

The Batobic Programme is supported from a variety of sources. This ranges from donor funding contracts to in kind support through making available required resources and strategic alliance agreements. Some funders wish to remain anonymous and this is always respected. 

Present funding and resource partners

  • The Barberton Chamber of Business is the main sponsor and implementer of the programme. It has made both funds, capacity and other resources available to establish and run the programme.

  • The national Department of Tourism has funded a number of Batobic projects through their Social Responsibility Programme.

  • The national Department of Environmental Affairs also funds projects thorough their Social Responsibility Programme. Further projects are currently under consideration.

  • The then national Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism appointed the Chamber as the implementer of what was previously the largest project in their Poverty Relief Programme (Bulembu Road project) and played a pivotal role in the establishment of the Batobic Programme. 

  • The Business Trust has recently partnered with Batobic to provide project assistance through their Transaction Advisory Fund.

  • The Umjindi Local Municipality has entered into a Strategic Alliance Agreement with the programme for the delivery of tourism support and infrastructure components.  

  • Barberton Tourism has entered into a Strategic Alliance Agreement with the programme to share resources and promote tourism and projects.

  • As a policy, contributions no matter how small are required from all project promoters or owners. The contributions can be monetary or in kind or future commitments. This is done to ensure "ownership" is taken of the project and its outcomes, especially in the case of communities. The arrangements are fomalised in project agreements which govern contributions and roles and responsibilities.


Our Commitment

The funding and implementation of projects is taken very seriously and the Chamber regards its excellent track record as one of its key strengths.

All donor and sponsor requirements will be adhered to. Project deadlines and contractual conditions, once entered into, are considered sacrosanct. Project funds are individually "ring-fenced", which in larger projects may mean separate bank accounts and separate annual audits. Regular progress reports will be provided to funders in whatever format or regularity required. All project deliverables and funds are independently audited annually and at the completion of each project.

In the case of private investments into the area, only the highest level of professionalism and international best practice can be expected from our interactions with both investors and project owners.

Our team specialises in understanding the needs of both investors and communities. We will bring community and private sector partners together through transparent negotiations and clearly outlined processes for the benefit both parties, to ensure lasting relationships.